Wood Cutting Boards  and Butcher Block

Wood Cutting Boards and Butcher Block

         At Houze Wood Shop we use the finest solid select Grade Oak wood, these Cutting Boards and Butcher Block Boards are practically indestructible. All boards come with rubber feet on bottom. Our Standard Cutting Boards have square corners and a 1/8" radius on all edges. All of our Cutting Boards are pre-treated with 3 coats of food grade oil, Upon receiving your order, it is recommended that you clean the board with a damp cloth, then apply another coat of  Butcher Block Oil or Butcher Block Conditioner, before using your cutting board for the first time. You can also order your cutting board to be shipped unfinished, , if you prefer to not have your product sealed with Our Oil. And if you don’t rubber feet on bottom message me. Houze Wood Shop Butcher Block Cutting Boards are of the best quality, wood cutting boards available. Water-resistant food safe glue is used for all our Butcher Block Cutting Boards.  

If you want a custom size or thickness contact me.